It seems unbelievable that in just over a week we come together as a brand new cast and crew for the fourth time to pray for a new upcoming film project. The pre-production process for “Reclamation,” of course, started months ago. But, this is one of our favorite moments: seeing everybody face-to-face, making the story and the project and the goal even more real for all of us.

Six years ago we started this adventure with a huge cast and the prodigal son story by shooting “He Leadeth Me,” still very much one of my favorite stories. So many of the kids involved with this project are now in college! And getting married! And starting families! A number of the adults who participated still talk about how much of a difference this film project made in the lives of their families. Reverend Nick Mundis from Oak Hill Lutheran Church in Bloomington, MN (a.k.a. “Ethan Carter”) still says that it “was one of the hardest things” he’d ever done. We introduced brand new people to the role of “actor,” and we learned so much for ourselves how to run a productive and educational set.

Daniel Tostenson (“Reverend Cole”) and Garrett Gransee (“Sam Barry”) on the set of “He Leadeth Me” in Barrett, Minnesota (2011)
An intense moment. “He Leadeth Me”, on set in Fargo, North Dakota (2011)

In 2014, we created a different kind of cast and crew and we aspired to a whole new level of professionalism with the project “Sacred.” This story, inspired by the lives and deaths of three special friends, gave many of us a reason to approach film production ministry from an entirely different perspective. No one is ever ready to let go of someone they love, and never as suddenly as the three young women we dedicated this film to, but this makes the telling of Christ’s love for us even more necessary and urgent.

Joshua Tysver (“Evan Hunt”) and Olivia Zuehlsdorff (“student”) on the set of “Sacred” in Fergus Falls, Minnesota (2014)
Receiving news. “Sacred”, on set in Fergus Falls, Minnesota (2014)

This June, 2017, we’ll shoot a new story, “Reclamation,” written and directed by Tim Larson (director of photography “Sacred” and “The Circle”). Inspired by the verse Romans 12:2, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind,” this story has on the edge of our seats as we await what God has in store for us. We pray that this very transformation He speaks of in His Word would continue to occur! We pray that the Lord would teach us in every moment to listen to His voice of wisdom. We pray that He would develop lasting and eternal relationships. We pray that He would strengthen and deepen our love for Him and for one another. And, we pray that He will speak to the hearts of those who watch the completed film next year.

We are excited to come together in just over a week to begin this crazy 2017 ride towards June, and we invite you to pray for us, to financially support us, and to work with us. Come see what all of the wonderful excitement is all about, and follow this blog for monthly production updates.

Here we go!

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